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How to make your rv feel like home

how to make your rv feel like home
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There is something special about a “home”. A home could be a place where kids grow up, and where you feel comfortable and safe. But, on when you are camping or travelling in an camper or RV that all changes.

Your camper or RV is your home on wheels and it should feel that way. To many people, the RV is an escape from the daily grind without all the comforts and coziness of “home”, but it doesn’t have to be.

You can make your camper trailer or RV feel just like “home” with just a few simple tweaks and renovations.

Keep reading to find out how you can easily transform your dull moodless RV into a cozy safe haven for you and your family to call home.

Easy RV renovations to transform its look and feel

There are a few renos you can do to your RV that will give it that cozy home feel without breaking the bank.


Flooring doesn’t have to be expensive. Actually, you don’t even need to change the flooring! But, adding a rug by the door, a runner in the hall or another rug in front of the kitchen sink can do wonders. Just like you would if you were living in a house, you can create that dynamic space and a rug is a great place to start.

Of course you COULD replace the flooring. There are a lot of options out there. In our personal trailer we used the glue-down vinyl plank flooring. It was easy to install and affordable. We love it.

When it comes to flooring, you’ve got options and thats the beauty of it. The flooring sets the foundation of the rest of the renovation so find something that you like and GO FOR IT! Get creative, you can always adjust it later.


Just like in a regular home, the walls make a big difference in the look and feel. If you want your home to feel light and airy then going with a white tone and pastel accents is a great way to go. The same goes for your RV or trailer. If you want something funky and creative then using vibrant colors on the walls will get the job done!

You can make your RV look and feel exactly the way you want. In fact, it is more affordable to decorate an RV than a full home because you have significantly less square footage.

You can purchase less curtains and paint, hang less photos, and add fewer plants. You can put that little extra flair into it because you don’t need as much stuff.


Storage is a big topic in the RV world and is SO important. Getting creative with storage solutions is also a great way to make your RV feel more homey during those long trips on the road.

Often people complain that they don’t have all of the ammenities of their home with them while they are traveling. The reality is, there are a truck load of space saving solutions that help you bring that style and feel you are looking for. RV storage solutions can be both practical, and stylish to make it feel more like home.


I love adding pops of color to our RV. I have always dreamed of being an interior decorator and this is the perfect opportunity for me to exercise my creative muscles.

When I decorate my house, I always do it conservatively with neutral tones and textures that are timeless. My RV is a whole different story. Since the RV is so much smaller than my house, it is easy for me to add a splash of color here and there. I find I expleriment with things I wouldn’t normally do.

My favorite way to add life to my RV is using throw pillows and blankets. Not only does it add add life but it creates a sense of adventure. Between rugs, pillows, blankets and throws, there is so much opportunity to get creative without breaking the bank.


Pillows, throws, rugs and blankets also create texture. Texture makes the inside of the RV fun and exciting. When I get my kids involved with the decorating they enjoy hanging out inside the trailer and outside a lot more.

Honestly when decorating becomes a family event, everything has a much better experience even while we are traveling.


My family and I love traveling. I think it is because everyone is involved with making our RV a home that each person can enjoy. If there is one thing that I would recommend for making your RV more “homey”, it would be this:

Make sure you don’t forget the people that will be living in it. Don’t get me wrong, decorating your RV with fun things is fun. But, the best part of making your RV more like a home is having people you love near by to share it and fill it with joy.

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