Is It Time To Replace Your Garage Door?

This questions seems to haunt home owners and we are here to give you a bit of insight as to why that is. The garage door seems to be one of this items that is often overlooked when buying a house or when doing a renovation until the reno is partially or fully complete. Garage door replacements are often tied to other home updates… but not always.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

This has often been the song of homeowners when it comes to their garage door. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But studies have shown that people replace their garage doors even if there is nothing wrong with them.

Majority of home owners at some point in their life will do a renovation. While garage doors are not often part of the initial renovation, they seem to be included after the fact due to the rest of the updates. If the garage door doesn’t look good now it needs to be changed. But, that’s ok with us!

Garage Doors Provide Security

Another common reason garage doors get replaced is if they fail or are damaged.

Those of us who have done it will never forget it but when you back your vehicle out a bit too early before the door is all the way up…CRUNCH!

Now you need to get your vehicle fixed as well as your garage door. It is important to protect all the valuable “stuff” in your garage. Most people keep their large investments (namely vehicles) in their garages not to mention access to the inside of the house! It is important to keep these things safe.

New Doors Are More Efficient

Another reason people replace garage doors is because new doors are more efficient. With the increasing demand on being green and keeping operational cost down, garage doors can be a major part of the issue. New doors are better insulated and more secure than older garage doors.

Not only does this provide a lighter load on the wallet, and a bump in resale value in the long run, but also provides more peace of mind for the home owner.

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