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Kelowna Garage Doors Maintenance And Repair Service

Whether you are looking for garage service and repairs in Kelowna BC or just new garage doors kelowna has a ton of choices and you have come to the right place. Advanced Garage Doors Kelowna is a one stop shop for all your garage door needs. We have been providing door service the Okanagan Valley for a number of years and look forward to many more years serving our local communities.

Our technicians are experienced and will provide you with quality workmanship. You can be rest assured that your garage doors are installed properly as well as maintained to the industry standard specifications.

If you need emergency service then contact us as we are centrally located. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality customer service. We work with all the major brands and offer fair and reasonable pricing.

When looking around the valley garage doors are almost everywhere. This means you will need someone to service them. For the best overhead door services in the valley choose Advanced Garage Doors!

Garage Doors Services

Installation Services

New or used garage door installation. We work with all the major brands to bring you the best service.

Broken Spring Repair

If your door won’t lift, lower or you hear a big bang then you might have broken springs. Contact our experts in Kelowna

Damaged Cable Repair

Keep your doors operating properly with regular maintenance. But if a cable breaks we can fix it!

Garage Motors & Openers

Ensure your garage door openers and motors are set and working properly. We service all major brands.

Residential Garage Door Maintenance & Repair In Kelowna

Garage doors are an important part of your home when it comes to aesthetics and security. In order to ensure your doors are operating properly we recommend regular scheduled maintenance by one of our garage door experts in Kelowna.

Over time there are certain components that can wear causing misalignment and malfunction of your home’s overhead door. Often times the garage door opener may fail at the most inconvenient time. Prevent this by calling Advanced Garage Doors in Kelowna British Columbia and have one of our experienced technicians run out on a service call to take a look. 

Your Garage door should operate smoothly both up and down in its track. There are certain safety devices built in so that your family stays safe during the door operation. A few things that might wear premature are the wheels, track, cable, spring and other hardware components. Garage doors can be heavy dangerous if there is a failure, and therefore should only be serviced by trained professionals.

For all your garage install, repair and maintenance needs, call us at Advanced Garage Doors!


Can I install my own garage doors in Kelowna?

While we don’t advise it, many people do. There are a number of serious risks that come along with installing your own garage doors so we always recommend having it done by a professional.

What is the best brand of garage door?

There are a lot of garage door brands in Kelowna and this answer completely depends on what your needs are, your budget and location. The best thing to do would be to consult with a garage door professional to get the best fit for you.

How long does it take to install a garage door?

This depends on the home as well as the style of door. In most cases it will take a couple days to install and make sure everything is operating properly.

How much does it cost to install new overhead doors in Kelowna?

This depends on the door and the application. There is no hard and fast number but the great news is you can reach out to us and we would love to give you a free quote! Fill out the form below to get in touch with us or give us a call!

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