Garage Door Track & Cable Repair

garage cable repair

Garage Door Cable Repair

For professional garage door cable repair call Advanced Garage Doors. 

While garage doors require springs to help lift them, the steel cables do a lot of the grunt work as well and therefore can wear.

Over time with use and age the cables can get weak and start to fray. If they are not properly maintained then they can break. 

Broken garage door cables will leave your door shut for good till repaired. Sometimes they will break while your door is being raised which will cause your garage door to slam closed.

This can lead to further damage to the door as well as other components.

At Advanced Garage Doors we maintain and repair garage door cables so that you don’t need to worry about garage door safety. We take the guess work out of it to give you the peace of mind that SHOULD come with have a garage.

We carry garage door springs and cables on our service vehicles along with a stock of other common parts for all the major brands so that we can show up and fix your broken garage door.

Garage Door Track Repair

We perform garage track repair and maintenance. As your door moves up and down it can wear and become misaligned. Continuous use like that can cause a track or wheel failure .

Prevent unnecessary issues by having your garage door track and wheels serviced and regularly maintained by our trained technicians at Advanced Garage Doors.

garage door track repair

Whether you are in need of regualr preventative maintenance or you have an emergency garage door issue then call us at Advanced Garage Doors. We offer 24 hour emergency garage door services to get you back up and running as soon as possible.