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Garage door Installation by Advanced Garage Doors is your best choice for securing your home and creating great curb appeal that sets it apart from the rest of your neighbourhood. Our Red Seal Certified Technicians have the experience to install your garage door quickly and safely so that you can enjoy the comforts of knowing your house looks good and your stuff is safe inside.

New & Used Garage Doors

We understand that not everyone wants a brand new garage door…or the cost that goes with it. Which is why we are more than happy to either supply and install new doors or install used doors. 

Often a garage door is removed from a home for aesthetic reasons and there is really nothing wrong with the used panels. Have a professional garage door installer take a look at the used doors to determine whether they are in good enough shape to reinstall or if they need to be replaced. 

Sometimes the door panels are in great shape but the mounting hardware needs to be changed. Our installation trucks come fully stocked with supplies for all the major brand names so that whether you need installation or a garage door repair, our team of professionals can find a quick solution for your new or used garage doors.

new garage door

New Garage Door

One of the best ways to freshen up your home’s curb appeal is to install a new garage door.

When it comes to installation garage door technicians need experience in both install and garage door repair.

Our garage door installers work closely with all the major door brands so that we can offer you the best fitment and style for your residential home. 

New garage doors come in many different styles and several materials such as steel, wood, and aluminum. A new garage door has to meet new standards of insulating and security protection as well.

Many of today’s insulated doors are filled with a polyurethane for optimal insulation while maintaining longevity so your doors will last you for many years.

Used Garage Door

A used residential garage door can be a great option for upgrading your home or even closing in an existing structure such as a carport. Doors come apart in multiple panels and because they are carefully removed it is easy to ensure they stay in great condition. 

You can often find a garage door for sale from someone who has upgraded to a newer style door for a different look or better performance. That doesn’t always mean there is something wrong with the used door though. In many cases it might be a great fit for your home or garage especially if you are on a budget.

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Talk to us about your budget and concerns with regards to a new or used door. We often deal with home owners who are wanting to repair their door as well as those who want to upgrade.

We can help you find the garage door that is right for you, that works with your budget and provides the satisfaction that you are looking for.