Garage Door Spring Repair

Residential Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken torsion springs are one of the most common failures when it comes to Garage Door Spring Repair. While there isn’t a lot you can do to avoid it, you can call us at Advanced Garage Doors to repair it!

Garage door torsion springs generally last for around 10 000 cycles. This means your garage door goes up and down 10 000 times. It may seem like a lot but the count quickly adds up. The expected life span of a torsion spring does not guarantee that it will last that long. 

Garage door torsion springs can break at any time regardless of whether your garage door is being opened or not but you don’t need to be concerned. We are just a call away and the good news is that springs can be easily repaired!

broken spring repair

Springs are generally located at the top of the door and operate under extreme amounts of tension. When you encounter a broken garage door spring you may hear a loud BANG! or the sound of a spring snapping. When this happens call Advanced Garage Doors and we will get you up and running in no time!

Garage Door Spring repair can be very dangerous and should only be performed by professionals with the right tools and proper experience. 

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Emergency Garage Door Spring Replacement

If you have a broken spring on your garage door then that is an emergency. We offer 24 hour emergency services for garage doors including broken spring repair and cable repairs. 

Like we already said, torsion springs have a designed lifetime or amount of use before they will snap. Springs can break unexpectedly and it can be a scary event if you are nearby. Once the spring is broken then the garage door will no longer go up and down till repaired.

 When your garage door spring breaks then give us a call. Our trained technicians can get there quickly and replace your broken spring to get your garage door up and working again as quick as possible.

At Advanced Garage Doors we maintain and repair torsion springs so that you don’t need to worry about garage door safety. We take the guess work out of it to give you the peace of mind that SHOULD come with having a garage.

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