Why Does My Garage Door Open On It’s Own?

why does my garage door open on it's own

We often get calls about garage doors and frequently receive this question so we thought we would address it on the blog here.

Yes, sometimes garage doors can open on their own, but it is not that common. In fact, since 1993, garage door openers and motor manufacturers have engineered a number of safety components in the equipment to prevent this from happening.

A few cases where you may experience your garage door opening “on it’s own” could be as follows:

  1. Power outage or surge.
    A power outage can cause all kinds of issues with electronics. Sometimes when power goes out due to a failure a repair is done and then power is switched back on. This all sounds completely harmless except for the fact that when the power comes back on it can cause a spike or surge. This can sometimes override the electric garage door openers and cause a door to open.
  2. Something is blocking the door from going all the way down.
    Doors nowadays are equipped with sensors that tell them if there is an item in the way. These will trigger the motor to stop the door and open it back up. If for some reason you have something blocking the door threshold then it may close almost all the way and then go back up. Always look to make sure the path is clear for the garage door to close properly.
  3. The opener is coded with the same frequency as your neighbour
    This applies to doors before 1993. Manufacturers such as Liftmaster had less interest in garage door security and in some cases programming could overlap. New garage door opener technology prevents this from happening.

In reality garage doors and openers have come a long way. We used to just use a chain and manually open and close them. Now we use our phones. As technology advances in garage doors we get more and more lazy and often don’t pay attention to the little details of opening and closing doors.

We encourage you to every so often take a few moments, slow down and watch your garage door open and close to make sure it is operating smooth and as it’s supposed to. We would even recommend having your garage door serviced annually by trained professionals.

If you have questions about your garage door, how it works or whether you are looking for a new garage door to replace your old one. Give us a call as Advanced Garage Doors.

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